Friday, 18 May 2012

Canterbury Benefit Office
Sandling Road
ME99 2AD

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Reference: WP 15 81 33 D

Without Prejudice


0. Your letter of 17 April 2012 does not answer my original question: Why have I not been paid Job Grant?

1. You do not specify that I fell foul of all DWP's criteria, so logically must have fallen foul of either some, or one, that you mention. 1.1. You do not specify which criterion, or criteria, you mention led to my not being paid Job Grant.

2. Clearly, the DWP wishes to give me no grounds to appeal its decision by not clearly specifying the reason(s) for that decision. 2.1. In truth, the DWP has no grounds - and simply wishes to conceal its own illegality by muddying the waters.

3. The DWP has found me guilty of violating its rules without stating which rule, or rules, I have violated - a human rights violation on its part. 3.1. The DWP has offered no evidence that any such infringement of its rules actually took place - a legal rights violation on its part.

4. Since I have a Nigerian; ie, non-English -(ie, non-White) sounding surname, this is proof of Institutional Racism on the part of the DWP - in collusion with the Jobcentre whose advisers know I am Black because they have met me personally.

5. Please tell me which of the criteria, or criterion, you mentioned in your letter, I did not comply with in the three years I was claiming JSA - along with supporting evidence?


PS: As usual with White bureaucracy, one is dealing with those who hanker for the days of Empire, when Whites thought they ruled the world. Today, greedy, stupid and arrogant Whites have messed-up the Western economy and wish to blame their victims for their own Caucasian failings.

cc: Jobcentre Plus - Tunbridge Wells

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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

About BARRY GRAINGER Insurance

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that:

  1. The company address on your job ad for Admin Assistant was wrong;
  2. no directions were e-mailed me by Emma - despite being promised by her when she knew my correct address;
  3. that selection criteria were no posted in the job ad so that candidates could not know whether to apply or not; meaning that your company does not know what it wants from candidates;
  4. that the spelling test I took (score: 74/75) contained a wrong answer so could never be answered 100% (Collectable is spelled thus, as well as thus: Collectible - you marked the US spelling to be the only correct one);
  5. that you employ no-one with a criminal record yet claim that no-one would be employed unless they reveal the exact nature of their offence. Then claim that any statement made is not to be believed.

Just imagine my surprise about this and the poor reputation you have in the business!

Not only amateurish and unprofessional but also a waste of people's time - especially your own.

We are looking for an Administration Assistant to aid us in all general office duties including post and telephone in accordance with the company procedures and regulatory requirements. The main tasks will be to distribute incoming mail, answer the telephone and deal courteously with all callers, passing the calls on as appropriate or taking messages. Collect and despatch outgoing mail. Produce and maintain diaries, chasing for outstanding information from insurers, brokers and clients. Maintain secure, efficient and accurate filing systems. Taking customer information for insurance quotations and updating the computer system and produce documents when quotations are accepted. You are required to have 4 GCSE's or equivalent, grade C or above.

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